Handcrafted Terpene Enhancers

Prime Alchemy is a boutique business specialising in premium lifestyle products that help enhance your mental and spiritual capabilities. Blossoming in the heart of Western Australia’s South West and offering a highly curated selection of premium CBD oils, Prime Alchemy aims to make these holistic products more accepted and accessible to the everyday user, while still keeping a touch of magic and mystery.

The visual identity draws inspiration from the ancient science of sacred geometry, which explores the energy patterns that create and unify all things around us. Elegantly contrasted with the organic aesthetics of their products, the ‘oil’ texture has been reinterpreted into a distinct brand pattern that is applied with restraint to printed and digital applications. Paired with fine, uppercase typography, the new identity stands sophisticatedly ahead of almost any other brand on the market.

ClientPrime AlchemyServicesBrand Identity. Brand Positioning & Strategy. Creative Direction. Print Design. Packaging Design. Brand Collateral.Year2022